Tests to be pregnant week by week and month by month

The exemption code for the scheduled exams during pregnancy is M + the number of the week of pregnancy (example M14 for who is in week 14) Go directly to exams: first trimester , second trimester , third trimester . After the positive test, if you go to the gynecologist or the general practitioner, the […]

The 40 weeks of pregnancy

First of all a curiosity: counting the weeks from the date of the last menstrual flow, when obviously you are not yet pregnant, the first and second week of pregnancy are actually those days when your body is prepared for ovulation and l possible fertilization. From the third week really begins the development of the […]

Test for ovulation as a pregnancy test?

The tests for ovulation so that they can be fairly reliable as a pregnancy test should be used no earlier than 14 po (fourteenth day after ovulation) so in the end the times are the same as a normal pregnancy test . In any case, let's see why you "stikka" before doing a pregnancy test […]