Test for ovulation as a pregnancy test?


The tests for ovulation so that they can be fairly reliable as a pregnancy test should be used no earlier than 14 po (fourteenth day after ovulation) so in the end the times are the same as a normal pregnancy test .

In any case, let's see why you "stikka" before doing a pregnancy test and if in fact it makes sense or not.

How do you read ovulation sticks as a pregnancy test?
If you use the digital sticks like the Clearblue ones, the smiley face appears and if you use non-digital sticks , the stick is positive when the right line clearly exceeds the left one (important note: the right side in the Person sticks is the one on the side of the pad ).

If you continue to use the sticks even in the following days and if you are pregnant, you will continue to notice this situation.

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An ovulation test can also become positive starting from 16-17 po. If the right line does not disappear anymore then there is a good chance of becoming pregnant. But for confirmation you must always and always do a real pregnancy test! From there you can not escape …

Warning if the right line is present but does not exceed the left the stick is still negative.

Given these considerations, it immediately becomes clear that it is not worth spending money with the ovulation tests used as a pregnancy test: they can create false expectations and waiting a couple of days longer the classic pregnancy test will give the answer sought.

Because an ovulation test could work as a pregnancy test
The following are specific considerations on hormones and their progression during the cycle and in case of pregnancy.

The hormone beta HCG , the hormone produced during pregnancy and detected by pregnancy tests, has a structure similar to that of the hormone LH which is detected by the ovulation sticks. Both hormones are glycoproteins, ie they consist of a protein with a sugar chain attached to it. Proteins can be divided into amino acid chains. The HCG and LH hormones can be divided into two units or "chains", an alpha and a beta subunit. If you look at the alpha subunits, the amino acid chains are identical. In reality, beta HCG has the alpha subunit identical to that of the hormones LH, FSH and TSH, all produced in the pituitary gland. HCG is the only one of these alpha subunits that is not produced by the pituitary gland, but by the placenta.

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